Dreamweaver Spruce

Dreamweaver Spruce

Inspired by NorthWest Coast art, though I feel they’ve been over done, somewhat.


Tree Portraits

Tree Portraits

At risk of seeming arrogant, I wish to indicate here that I would wish not to to write any comment, rather to post images as the sentiment of the day.

Storm Watching 1

Storm Watching 1

The first of three new works, (man, it has been a while). A new-found vantage point on the Canadian West Coast. The joy of getting back to painting.

I have recently had the pleasure of a week off, coupled with a week-long residency, painting in a local bistro. Suffice to say, the experience has been productive, friends met, painting painted. Certainly the opportunity was relished in that I was able to undertake larger works.

It is my wish, therefore, to share an image, taken through a window, of a new work in acrylic, titled ” Morning Pine”

The workspace permitted a canvas of 2 by 4 feet, wall and floor spatter and a freedom of expression rarely obtained whilst working in the confine of the studio.

Please Enjoy!

A Slight Departure…

I have not, until the arrival of this weekend, painted floral still life. I suppose that I had never considered it as within the realm of my subject matter. Perhaps I had a bias, a feeling that flowers were a little too “granny’s house” for me?

Well, old dog, new tricks! Here is a new work, blue irises, my favorite flower, captured in, I hope, a somewhat modern style. I must advance early apologies, for what has become typical, a terrible quality photo. Perhaps at some point I shall have a professional capture the images, and I shall stick to what I know.


Acrylic on Panel, 20 x 26

A slight change of direction for our intrepid painter, an attempt to work in still life, without sacrificing the saturated, thick lines of previous work

Art and Fatigue, then Espresso.

Hello again. I’ve put the brush down for a spell, as I had some income to earn. I suppose that this may be seen as an ” I am back” statement. I find it hard to accomplish anything when tired from the days in the sun, and effort in a painterly direction sometimes turn ugly/ muddy/ off, and the painting becomes irretrievable. 

At any rate, I have a new thing on the way. ” Thing” may be translated as “art work or painting”


La Pavoni makes these interesting and dangerous looking machines, wherein the coffee consumer actually pulls a shot with the lever…it takes dedication and practice, but it must be amazing. One day, bucket list take note, I will consume a La Pavoni, true pulled espresso…

I’d like to tickle your fancies with an early photo…I will be off for a double with cream.Image

Another of the Three Saint Andrews Sentinels…

Another of the Three Saint Andrews Sentinels...

Recently added to the collection of the Merrett family. With humble thanks!

One of the Three Saint Andrews Sentinels…

One of the Three Saint Andrews Sentinels...

Recently added to the collection of the Merrett family. With humble thanks!

Two Saturated Landscapes, Varnished, Signed, Seeking Wall…

Acrylic on Baltic Birch Panel, 6 by 6 inches

Ah, the elation of a painting finished. It seems like sometimes the maker wants to continue making, and oft is best to sign and stop. A cup of coffee may provide the ideal escape from over indulgence in application of color. A painting saved by varnish, preventing any further mischief from the hand that holds the brush.


Acrylic on Baltic Birch, 7 x 4

To save the tedium: Two new landscapes, postcard sized-ish, acrylic on plywood. Happy!

Two Saturated Landscapes underway…

Two Saturated Landscapes underway...

In the studio, on the painting board. Works in acrylic on Baltic plywood.
Be well…